Great chess coaching by Hrishikesh sir

Great chess coaching by Hrishikesh sir. I have seen my daughter Khushnaz Dadrewalla growing from a novice to a rated chess player. Hrishikesh sir has been a coach, a friend, a mentor and a motivator and is really very good at keeping his students entertained. I wish that my daughter’s college professors were as motivating and interesting as Hrishikesh sir and then she could have shone in her college field and gathered as many cups and medals that she has in various chess tournaments. He encouraged her to coach his students, participate in national and inter college tournaments. He also encouraged her to design logos, T-shirts and business cards and software for the institute. This way he helped her develop skills and in getting a sense of managing an institute on her own. He has contributed to her overall growth like a true father does. I wish his “Gurukul Chess Academy” all the best.