Every Chess Master was once a beginner
Gurukul Chess Academy won the 1st Prize for Best Academy in Inter School / Inter Academy Team Chess Tournament 2019 organised by Mumbai Suburban District Chess Association.
GCA champs in GCA jerseys before the start of a chess tournament.
S.N.D.T. Women's University Inter Collegiate Chess Tournament 2018-19, Jalgaon, Maharashtra.
Event - All India West Zone Inter University Chess Tournament (Women) 2019. Venue - Barkatulla University, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Chess Team of S.N.D.T. Women's University, Mumbai with the coach Hrishikesh Chavan.

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Gurukul Chess Academy is not just about teaching few strategies from manuals or helping one to find some good moves on the board. Our belief lies in the power of transformation possessed by the game of ‘Chess’, about one’s views towards life and its way of living. Therefore, creating true chess champions as well as life champions.

Mission & Vision

Our aim is to bring out the best from every chess player by respecting and nurturing their individual talents and interests. We strive to give individual attention to all the students and help them realize their potential.We instill and encourage the habit of co-operation, collaboration and teamwork. 

We focus on making the students enjoy the process of learning and becoming a better chess player rather than running behind trophies, ratings, victories, etc. We strive for the students to be a good sport, so that they realize that wins and losses don’t matter, and that playing good chess is all that is needed.

Head Coach

  • FIDE Instructor
  • Arena International Master.
  • International FIDE Rated Chess Player.
  • National Arbiter.
  • President – Gurukul Chess Academy.

Won the Annual MCGM Chess Tournament six times in the year 2006-07,2008-09, 2009-10, 2011-12, 2012-13 & 2013-14. Won 1st Prize in Bombay Selection Chess Tournament organised by Bombay Chess Association in 2012-13 and thus, was selected to represent Mumbai District in the Maharashtra State Chess Championship. Won 3rd Prize in the Bombay Selection Chess Tournament (City Division)in 2013-14 and thus, was selected to represent Mumbai City Division in the Maharashtra State Chess Championship

Hrishikesh Chavan



Hrishikesh Chavan Sir encouraged my son to play chess tournaments

My son was always interested in chess since he was 4 years old but was not a professional chess player. We enrolled him in Gurukul Chess Academy when he was around 10 years old under the tutorship of Hrishikesh Chavan Sir. He encouraged my son to play chess tournaments. He himself has always been deeply involved in chess & always boosts the morale of all his students. He always analyzed the games which my son had lost or drawn and helped him to rectify the mistakes. Under his guidance and supervision my son became a Fide approved rated chess player. Hrishikesh Sir has been a really good tutor. It has been good experience learning under him and my son is proud that he is a student of Hrishikesh Sir and Gurukul Chess Academy

Suvarna Phene Mother of Ojas Phene (International FIDE Rated Chess player)

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the individual. There are State / National / International School tournaments organized for age Under 7 years and hence, we believe that the ideal age to start chess is between 4.5 to 5 years, provided the child shows some interest towards the game. If we start at this age; within a year or two we can expect the child to reach to the stage; where he can participate in these National Tournaments and can earn good score in it.

Online Chess Board + Video Conferencing + GCA Coach = Amazing Lessons! We use a live, interactive analysis board. As we make a move on the board on our end, the same move is reflected on the student’s end in real time. We can also draw arrows and highlight squares to help students understand the patterns behind moves. In conjunction to the analysis board, we use Zoom to communicate directly with the student. Lessons are typically an hour long. At the scheduled time of the lesson, the coach calls the student on Zoom and sends an invitation to join the analysis board on www.gcamumbai.com. Then, we begin the lesson! After completion of the lesson, coaches send homework exercises and notes recapping the material covered in the lesson.

Every chess learner has different skill-set and different weaknesses to work on. So we prefer to coach personally. We can only individualize our instruction through one-on-one lessons. This means students get 100% attention and focus from the coach!

1. Exceptionally skilled chess coaches.

2. Personalized instruction

3. We care deeply about our student’s success

4. Highly affordable chess lessons

5. Exclusive student perks

Lessons cost between $15-$20/hour (USD). The fee includes the following:

1. Hourly instruction (over gcamumbai.com’s live, interactive analysis board). 

2. Notes recapping lesson material, and student-specific assignments and exercises.

3. Supplementary material (for independent, self-studying).

4. Offline support through text.

5. Access to our large repository of chess resources.

We have worked with 6-year olds, to graduate students, working people, and even grandmas! Age, gender, race, and background are all immaterial to chess. Anyone and everyone can play! When sitting across the board from your opponent, none of these constructs matter – all that matters is the skill you demonstrate on the 64 black and white squares! Our trained coaches have successfully worked with students of all backgrounds. Typically, our students come to us because they want to prepare for a tournament, but we have also worked with students who just wanted to improve their chess understanding or simply get a mental workout. We are completely beginner-friendly.

The progress you make is a function of how much effort you put in. Still, we make this process of learning as easy as possible through our personalized, structured, and individualized program. Students come to us having different levels of ability, from complete beginners; to having some knowledge of the game; to those who have struck plateaus, and we have helped each one of them to improve significantly. We also hold our students accountable; if they are slacking off, we will encourage them to work harder; and if they are doing well, we will praise them and encourage them to keep it up. Generally, though, if you are a complete beginner, you can reasonably start beating the average chess person convincingly within 3-4 months of weekly lessons. If you already have a background in chess, you will see significant improvement in your game within 1-2 months.

A strong chess player is molded by the cumulative efforts of the player himself/herself, parents, trainers, sponsors, school and so on. But primarily, a child looks up to his/her parents for material resources and emotional needs. As a parent you can…

• Play with your child and develop the interest and confidence in the game.

• Be a mentor and motivate your child by narrating inspiring stories and events.

• Prevent your child from racing towards victory through shortcuts and instead encourage him/her to earn it through hard work and commitment.

• Plan everything to balance the time between academics, training and tournaments.

• Identify the right trainer for individual training when your child reaches a certain level.

• Identify the tournaments to participate and plan intense training sessions for preparation before a tournament.

• Persuade the school to support your child’s chess ventures.

• Teach them the importance of individual practice at home.

• Help your child handle expected and unexpected results in a balanced way. Chess is a sport, so winning and losing is completely normal.

If you have any questions not answered in this FAQ,
please email them to [email protected]


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