Hrishikesh Chavan

Head Coach

  • FIDE Instructor
  • Arena International Master
  • Correspondence Chess Expert
  • International FIDE Rated Chess Player (Peak ELO 2082)
  • National Arbiter
  • President, Gurukul Chess Academy
Join us at Gurukul Chess Academy and discover the transformative power of chess under the expert guidance of Mr. Hrishikesh Chavan, chess coach certified by World Chess Federation and a renowned chess professional with over 21 years of experience.
With an impressive track record of victories in esteemed tournaments such as the “Mumbai Mayor’s Cup International Tournament“, “Annual MCGM Chess Tournament” and the “Inter-Corporation Chess Tournament”, Mr. Hrishikesh’s strategic brilliance and coaching prowess are unmatched.
As a dedicated mentor, Mr. Hrishikesh excels in simplifying complex chess concepts, making them relatable and accessible for students of all ages. By using practical examples and real-life scenarios, he instills a deep understanding of the game while ensuring an enjoyable learning experience.
Beyond chess proficiency, Mr. Hrishikesh focuses on nurturing the holistic development of his students. Through his guidance, they cultivate essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, mental application, time management and character building that extend far beyond the chessboard.
Unlock your chess potential and embark on a journey of growth and excellence at Gurukul Chess Academy, where Mr. Hrishikesh’s expertise and unwavering commitment to your success will propel you to new heights. Join us today and become a part of our community of passionate chess enthusiasts.


Our vision at Gurukul Chess Academy is to create a thriving community of chess enthusiasts, fostering a lifelong love for the game and promoting personal growth. We aim to provide a nurturing environment where individuals of all ages and backgrounds can experience the transformative power of chess, developing strategic thinking skills both on and off the chessboard. 

 It is to cultivate a thriving global community of chess enthusiasts, where individuals of all ages and skill levels can access top-quality training resources, engage in competitive play, and foster a lifelong passion for the game of chess.


At Gurukul Chess Academy, our mission is to provide exceptional chess education and coaching, nurturing the potential of each student and fostering their growth as players and individuals. Through experienced instructors, comprehensive training programs, and a supportive community, we aim to promote critical thinking, sportsmanship, and resilience. 

We strive create an environment where chess enthusiasts can thrive, embrace personal development, and experience the joy and intellectual stimulation that chess offers.



Pakshal Gada 🥉🏆

Won 1st Prize 🥇🏆 With a perfect score of 5/5 Points In the Under 8 Category in First Step Chess Academy Chess Tournament 2024.

Sanchi Sagare 🥇🏆

Won 1st Prize 🥇🏆 With a score of 4.5/6 Points In the Under 11 Girls Category in Thakur College Chess Tournament 2024.

Pakshal Gada 🏆

Won 4th Prize 🏆 With a score of 4/5 Points In the Under 9 Category in First Step Chess Academy Chess Tournament 2024.

Prisha Gada 🏆

Won 6th & 7th Prize 🏆 In the Under 8 & 9 Category in First Step Chess Academy Chess Tournament 2024.

Shlok Pawar 🏆

Won 6th Prize 🏆 With a score of 5/6 Points In the Under 10 Category in Thakur College Chess Tournament 2024.

Aadya Patil 🏆

Won Prize 🏆 In the Under 11 Category in Thakur College Chess Tournament 2024.


Hrishikesh Chavan Sir encouraged my son to play chess tournaments

My son was always interested in chess since he was 4 years old but was not a professional chess player. We enrolled him in Gurukul Chess Academy when he was around 10 years old under the tutorship of Hrishikesh Chavan Sir. He encouraged my son to play chess tournaments. He himself has always been deeply involved in chess & always boosts the morale of all his students. He always analyzed the games which my son had lost or drawn and helped him to rectify the mistakes. Under his guidance and supervision my son became a Fide approved rated chess player. Hrishikesh Sir has been a really good tutor. It has been good experience learning under him and my son is proud that he is a student of Hrishikesh Sir and Gurukul Chess Academy

Suvarna Phene Mother of Ojas Phene (International FIDE Rated Chess player)

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