We enrolled our son in Gurukul Chess academy and experienced positive changes

Our Son is a very active child. He is always full of energy and curious about everything. It was difficult for him to sit in a place and remain involved in one thing for a longer duration. We were looking for something which will hold him for long and keep him interested. We enrolled him in Gurukul Chess academy and experienced positive changes. He really loved the chess and the environment created by Hrishikesh Chavan Sir in the class room. Hrishikesh sir took interest in every student and encouraged them to play in tournament. He guided and mentored them well. He kept the class alive with keen attention and occasional pranks to keep children involved, Yash learned many things and also won many medals. He made many good friends at the class. He will not move from a place for hours when he is playing chess. Later our daughter Sai also joined the class and enjoying the training. We thank Hrishikesh Sir for his guidance and wish good luck to Gurukul chess academy. We also thank Sir, madam, who assists in the classes.