Gurukul chess academy is one of the best chess institutes

Gurukul chess academy is one of the best chess institutes for both beginners and advanced players. Our daughter has been learning chess from Gurukul since more than a year now. Our initial intention for enrolling her to chess class was to help her build patience and focus. She was only 5 years and had not even seen a chessboard before getting enrolled here. Hrishikesh sir and the coaching staff here helped her right from basic understanding of chess to building her confidence and encouraging her all the time. At right time, sir even recommended and guided to choose correct tournaments for her to participate in. Learning and mastering this game is of course a journey for our daughter which would continue; but we can clearly see improvement not only in her patience and focus but also her chess understanding. She has participated in many tournaments and has been awarded for her performance. Another very important aspect is the punctuality and consistency with which the training sessions are conducted all around the year. The academy is really sincere not only about chess and coaching but also about encouraging everyone to spread the reach of this beautiful game. At the same time Hrishikesh sir ensures that kids learn at their own pace and he helps maintain balance so that kids are not overburdened and continue to take interest in their own game. Hrishikesh sir and the coaching staff are really outstanding in what they do and how they do it. Our daughter is just one example of how good the academy is and there are a lot other much greater examples. We would like to thank Hrishikesh sir and the coaching staff for all their efforts and guidance they have provided to our daughter and wish them all the best to continue doing better and better.